Soundcity Radio (Port Harcourt City)

96.5 FM

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B3B0CK - New DreamLive
  • Rob Costlow - L.A./Passing By
  • Matteo Maria Di Tommaso - Nuvole di pensieri
  • B3B0CK - Early Morning
  • Maxim Zinov'ev - May's Moon
  • Jorgen Kruse - Shauna's Theme
  • Spa Background Music - Sleep
  • AurbanniAudio - Clair De Lune
  • Botanica magia - 03_Double_dream
  • christo4us - libeccio


Transmitting online and on 96.5 FM from Port Harcourt to the world, Soundcity Radio is a radio that was established aiming to reach the young listeners. Its programming includes music, pop culture, and social and celebrity contents.

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