Soundcity Radio (Abuja)

96.3 FM

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Triplexity - Triplexity - Invited (with Jennifer Greer)Live
  • Kai Engel - Low Horizon
  • Candlegravity - Tomie's Bubbles
  • Sergey Gulevich - Inspiring Chill
  • Abydos Music - Claude Debussy Arabesque 1
  • FollowMe - Emotional Piano Ballad
  • Solxis - Facial
  • zero-project - Shades Of Purple
  • Sound Creator - Space Ambient
  • Bulbasound - Healing Binaural Beats


Broadcasting from Abuja, Soundcity Radio is a radio station that is on air 24 hours a day, all year round. Its programming is focused on the pop culture, music, celebrity interviews and news.

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